Small nws excemption3 Vibrato on the flute

How-To | Matthew Roitstein, Flute
Bt movie not in use Description of flute vibrato 00h:00m:31s
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Bt movie not in use Varieties of flute vibrato 00h:03m:03s
Bt movie not in use Slow, wide vibrato 00h:03m:33s
Bt movie not in use Fast, narrow vibrato 00h:03m:45s
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New World Symphony flute fellow Matt Roitstein demonstrates vibrato on the flute.


Matthew Roitstein

Flutist Matthew Roitstein is currently a Fellow with the New World Symphony. Mr. Roitstein is originally from Valencia, CA. He recieved a Bachelor of Music from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied with Seta Per Hohemnesian. He received a Master of Music from Rice University where he studied with Leone Buyse.