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Reflections | David Del Tredici, Composer
Bt movie not in use Many compositions came out of piano improvisation 00h:00m:01s
Bt movie not in use In his 20s, wrote away from the piano and got into devices like palindromes, additive rhythms 00h:00m:12s
Bt movie not in use A palindrome form 00h:00m:33s
Bt movie not in use Collected notebooks of possibilities, formed a shape with context 00h:01m:17s

Composer David Del Tredici on the creation process of Syzygy


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David Del Tredici

Generally recognized as the father of the Neo-Romantic movement in music, David Del Tredici has received numerous awards (including the Pulitzer Prize) and has been commissioned and performed by nearly every major American and European orchestral ensemble. Much of his early work consisted of elaborate vocal settings of James Joyce (I Hear an Army; Night Conjure-Verse; Syzygy) and Lewis Carroll (Pop-Pourri, An Alice Symphony, Vintage Alice and Adventures Underground, to name just a few). More recently, Mr. Del Tredici has set to music a cavalcade of contemporary American poets. Over the past several years he has ventured into the more intimate realm of chamber music with String Quartet No. 1, Grand Trio (brought to life by the Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio and recently printed by Boosey & Hawkes), and a large number of solo-piano works (Gotham Glory, Three Gymnopedies, Ballad in Yellow, S/M Ballade, and Aeolian Ballade).