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Audition Preparation | Thomas Hooten, Trumpet
Bt movie not in use How do you find these priorities contribute to the qualities that you're striving for in your orchestra? 00h:01m:07s
Bt movie not in use In your experience, have you found there to be any difference in how those priorities are weighted in other orchestras' auditions? 00h:04m:04s
Bt movie not in use How do your priorities change if listening for a section member versus a section leader position? 00h:05m:43s
Bt movie not in use What is your opinion on communication between the audition committee and the candidate, both during and prior to the audition? 00h:07m:47s
Bt movie not in use How would one get feedback from committee members following an unsuccessful audition? 00h:10m:52s
Bt movie not in use What would you change about the audition process if you could? 00h:11m:55s

Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, answers questions about the audition process. (Global Audition Training Interview)


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Thomas Hooten

Thomas Hooten joined the Los Angeles Philharmonic as Principal Trumpet in the 2012-13 season. Mr. Hooten earned his Bachelor of Music from the University of South Florida and his Master of Music from Rice University. His primary trumpet teachers have included Armando Ghitalla, John Hagstrom and Don Owen. In 2000, Hooten earned a trumpet/cornet position with “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band in Washington, D.C., where he was often a featured soloist. While still in the Marine Band, Hooten won the 2nd trumpet audition with the Richmond (VA) Symphony and continued to work with them through 2004. Following his four-year enlistment in the Marine Band, Mr. Hooten was Assistant Principal Trumpet of the Indianapolis Symphony for two seasons. He was then Principal Trumpet of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra from 2006-2012.