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Reflections | Lauren Schiff
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Lauren Schiff discusses her background in the Alexander Technique and why it can be so beneficial to musicians

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Lauren Schiff

Ms. Schiff was certified by A.C.A.T. in 1987. A graduate of Northwestern University School of Music and Manahattan School of Music, she is a former trumpet player.

She has been a full time Alexander Technique faculty member of The Juilliard School for more than 20 years and member of the Aspen Music Festival and Schoo faculty since 1993. She is currently a guest teaching artist at the New World Symphony and The University of Maryland Maryland Opera Studio. SHe joins the faculty of The Internationale Meistersingers Akademie in August 2012.

Ms. Schiff maintains a private practice in New York City where she works with performing artists and non performers seeking improvement in performance, breathing, alleviation of pain and management of misuse injuries.