Sixteen Dances (1950-51)


Joshua Gersen, conductor

Henrik Heide, flute

Dylan Girard, trumpet

Derek Powell, violin

Grace An, cello

Samuel Busish, Alex Wadner, Michael Truesdell, Rajesh Prasad, percussion

Marnie Hauschildt, piano

Performed with a Merce Cunningham MinEvent

Dancers from New World School of the Arts: Leon Cobb, Kaelynn Draper, Angel Fegers, Christine Flores, Claudi Lexcano, Melanie Martel, Marcus McCray, Annellyse Monroe, Johan Rivera

Patricia Lent, choreographic stager

Joe Levasseur, lighting designer

K. Blair Brown, costume designer


Choreography Note by Patricia Lent:

Cage's Sixteen Dances was originally performed with Merce Cunningham's Sixteen Dances for Soloist and Company of Three (1951). No video recording of this dance exists.  This presentation of Sixteen Dances was performed with a MinEvent.  A MinEvent is an uninterrupted sequence of excerpts drawn from the work of Merce Cunningham.  The MinEvent in this video incorporates material from three dances: Roaratorio (1983), Fabrications (1987) and Enter (1992).  Each MinEvent is unique and is designed to suit the particular space in which it is presented.  


Video Credits: 

Director - Clyde Scott

Director of Photography - Abdiel Thorne

Audio Recording Engineer - Roberto Toledo

Assistant Audio Recording Engineer - Brandon Johnson

Editor - Jonathan David Kane

Producer - Gary Sales

Executive Producer - Michael Tilson Thomas