Small nws excemption3 Schumann: Symphony No. 2, 2nd Mvt (Scherzo)

Orchestral Excerpts | Isabel Trautwein, Violin
Bt movie not in use Distinguish yourself in an audition by creating larger musical gestures 00h:00m:33s
Bt movie not in use Divide practicing into 3 phases: slow work; RH stroke; musical conviction 00h:00m:47s
Bt movie not in use Find the octaves - a piano can help with this 00h:01m:28s
Bt movie not in use 1/2 shifts 00h:02m:55s
Bt movie not in use Measures 27-28 00h:03m:57s
Bt movie not in use Measure 41: practice first two notes quickly, then slow down for shift 00h:04m:43s
Bt movie not in use Develop stroke that's close to the string and firm. Try to get to Quarter=128 00h:05m:38s
Bt movie not in use Multiples on each note 00h:06m:13s
Bt movie not in use Galamian technique to find bounce point - loud, heavy detache in upper half, then moving toward frog 00h:06m:30s
Bt movie not in use Practice string crossings without the left hand movement 00h:07m:47s
Bt movie not in use Work in smaller chunks at tempo, building up to bigger chunks 00h:08m:17s
Bt movie not in use Set the metronome to much slower beats 00h:09m:09s
Bt movie not in use Create phrases at slower tempo 00h:10m:18s
Bt movie not in use Clip the small slurs starting at measure 15 00h:11m:33s
Bt movie not in use Record the cello part so you can accompany yourself and hear harmony and character 00h:11m:52s
Bt movie not in use Exhale strongly on downbeat 00h:12m:27s
Bt movie not in use Be specific about what you are practicing and stay focused 00h:13m:32s

Isabel Trautwein, violinist in The Cleveland Orchestra, offers some tips and techniques on playing the Scherzo from Schumann's Symphony No. 2

Robert Schumann



Recorded Date: 25-03-2015

Isabel Trautwein

Isabel Trautwein has been a member of the first violin section of The Cleveland Orchestra since September 2002. Previously she was a member of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, the New World Symphony in Miami, the Houston Symphony, and the Pacifica String Quartet.

Ms. Trautwein has appeared as soloist with the Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra and the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. As a student, she toured extensively throughout Europe, Africa, and India with Claudio Abbado’s European Youth Orchestra and performed chamber music at the Salzburger Festspiele and at the Aspen Festival in Colorado. For two summers she served as concertmaster of the National Repertory Orchestra in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Upon receiving an undergraduate degree from the Musikhochschule Lübeck, Ms. Trautwein continued her studies at the Cleveland Institute of Music with Donald Weilerstein. Passionate about bringing Classical music to new audiences, Ms. Trautwein started a series of chamber concerts, the Heights Arts House Concerts, which presents chamber music in beautiful and unique venues around Cleveland.

In 2006, Ms. Trautwein started an intergenerational orchestra for players of all ages called TACO – The Awesome Children’s Orchestra, which performs in community settings around town, most recently in January 2012 onstage at Severance Hall with over 70 musicians.

In 2010, Ms. Trautwein was selected for a year-long fellowship program in Boston and Venezuela to study the implementation of El Sistema programs in the U.S. With the help of generous community partners, she has launched two El Sistema programs in Cleveland. These daily after-school orchestra programs seek to provide inner-city youth with quality instrumental training and, over time, an equitable pipeline to all music making opportunities offered to youth in Cleveland. In September 2011, Ms. Trautwein launched El Sistema at Rainey Institute in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood and in September of 2013, El Sistema@University Circle, located within minutes of Severance Hall. 
In 2012, she received the Martha Joseph Award from the Cleveland Arts Prize and the Judson Smart Living Award in honor of her efforts to increase musical opportunities for Cleveland’s children.

Isabel Trautwein resides in Cleveland Heights with her deaf dog, Yoffi.