Small nws excemption3 Ravel, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky - bassoon excerpts

Master Classes | Sophie Dartigalongue, Bassoon
Bt movie not in use Bolero 00h:00m:00s
Bt movie not in use Feel the dance inside, tempo does not change 00h:00m:54s
Bt movie not in use Extreme legato 00h:02m:17s
Bt movie not in use Accent is on second beat but we still need to understand where the downbeat is 00h:04m:40s
Bt movie not in use Bring a new color to the D-natural 00h:05m:50s
Bt movie not in use The Rite of Spring 00h:08m:40s
Bt movie not in use Grace notes might be too fast 00h:10m:00s
Bt movie not in use Once the horn enters you need to stay in tempo 00h:10m:26s
Bt movie not in use Practice the triplet passage at #1 without the grace notes to make sure it's in time 00h:13m:10s
Bt movie not in use In the restatement you can play with a bigger, more open sound 00h:15m:30s
Bt movie not in use Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 00h:21m:21s
Bt movie not in use Think of the first two notes as an upbeat - go to the G 00h:22m:20s
Bt movie not in use Breathe as if you were going to play FF 00h:23m:15s
Bt movie not in use More tongue on E and G 00h:24m:07s
Bt movie not in use Sforzando needs to be big in context 00h:25m:10s

Sophie Dartigalongue, principal bassoon of the Vienna Philharmonic, works with NWS bassoonist Brenton Foster, on various bassoon excerpts from Ravel's Bolero, Stravinksy's Rite of Spring, and Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6.

Maurice Ravel, Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky



Recorded Date: 21-03-2017

Sophie Dartigalongue

Born in 1991, Sophie Dartigalongue started her musical education with guitar and clarinet. She came to the bassoon in 2003. She studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon, in the bassoon studios of C. Colombo and J.Pignoly . In 2011 she attended the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic, where she studied under Daniele Damiano. In 2012, she won the audition for contrabassoon and became a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2015 she was appointed as principal bassoon of the Vienna State Opera.

During her studies, Sophie took part in many competitions where she won more than a dozen international awards including the second prize and audience prize (1st not awarded) at the international competition of the ARD in Munich in September 2013. In 2015 she won the prestigious Beethoven Ring in Bonn.

As a soloist, she has played with the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio (Jolivet concerto), Munich Chamber Orchestra (Vivaldi concerto), South West German Philarmonic Orchestra (Mozart concerto), Vienna Chamber Orchestra (Strauss concertino), SWR Orchestra Stuttgart (Hummel concerto), and others.

She is a participant of several festivals such as: Beethoven Bonn Festival, Bassoon Festival Beijing, International Double Reed Conference, Lucerne Festival, BBC Proms, La Côte Saint André Festival, and the Salzburg Festival.

Since 2013 she has given masterclasses in Japan, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, among others.

She is a "Püchner artist".