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Performances | Li Yingchun, Dizi (China)
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Li Yingchun, presents the traditional Chinese instrument, Zhudi, which is in the same family as the Dizi. Also here on MUSAiC Li Yingchun performs excerpts from standard repertoire for Zhudi. In this category of MUSAIC a range of traditional Chinese instruments are presented (DIZI, ZHUDI, YANGQION, XIAO, RUAN, PIPA, GUZHENG, GUQIN and ERHU).

Dizi (China)

Recorded Date: 05-12-2018

Li Yingchun
Dizi (China)

Graduate student of the Traditional Instruments Department of Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

He has won the First Prize (Professional Group) of China Yuping “Ketelin Cup” National Dizi Invitational Competition; First Prize (Youth Professional Group A) of 2nd National Zhudi Invitational Competition; First Prize (Dizi Group) of “Long Feng Yin Xiangjiang”—5th Instrumental Music Performance Invitational Competition (Hong Kong); Gold Award (Professional Group) of 2nd International Dizi and Xiao & 3rd “Tingyu Cup” International and National Chinese Bamboo Flute Invitational Competition (Wuxi).

He has held two zhudi recitals and seven dizi and xiao appreciation concerts of different themes at Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

As an invited performer, he took part in the “Jincheng Siguan” Grand Symphony Concert at the National Theatre for the Performing Arts together with Chengdu Chinese Orchestra in 2013.