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Reflections | Yu Yeti, Guqin (China)
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Yu Yeti presents the traditional Chinese instrument, Guqin. Also here on MUSAiC Yu Yeti performs standard repertoire for the guqin. In MUSAIC a range of traditional Chinese instruments are presented (DIZI, ZHUDI, YANGQION, XIAO, RUAN, PIPA, GUZHENG, GUQIN and ERHU).

Guqin (China)

Recorded Date: 05-12-2018

Yu Yeti
Guqin (China)

Yu Yeti is a graduate student from Central Conservatory of Music. She began to study guqin at the age of 12 and studied with Zhang Zisheng, Secretary General of Guqin Society in China. In 2013, she came under the tutelage of Associate Professor Zhao Xiaoxia, CCOM.

In 2014, Yu Yeti was admitted to the guqin performance major of Central Music Conservatory’s Traditional Music Department with the honor of the first place in the guqin course. She has won the gold award in the Finals of Chinese National Instrumental Competition of the 8th International Huayue Cup in Singapore and in the first China-British International Music Festival. During the past years, Yu Yeti has participated in live performances at CCTV and at the grand song cycle “The Apperception of Confucius” with the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra Chorus in Beijing Concert Hall and the National Grand Theater respectively. In addition, she performed on a national tour together with “Xiao Yue Hua Yin” and the Central People’s Broadcasting Orchestra.

Yu Yeti has served as a lecturer of guqin Training Class for Teachers of Beijing Sport of University, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Administration of Sports, respectively. Her teaching experience includes working as a teacher of guqin major in the Continuing Education College of CCOM and as an advanced guqin lecturer at the Zixia Guqin Pavilion.