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Performances | Zhou Linyi, Ruan (China)
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Zhou Linyi performs on the traditional Chinese instrument, Pipa. Also here on MUSAIC Zhou Linyi presents the Pipa and demonstrates various playing techniques. In this category of MUSAIC presentations a list of traditional Chinese instruments are presented (DIZI, ZHUDI, YANGQION, XIAO, RUAN, PIPA, GUZHENG, GUQIN and ERHU).

Pipa (China)

Recorded Date: 05-12-2018

Zhou Linyi
Ruan (China) and Pipa (China)

Zhou Linyi is a graduate student of the Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM studying under the tutelage of Prof. Hao Yifan, pipa educator and instrumentalist. In 2011 she was admitted to the undergraduate school of CCOM and in 2015 she enrolled in the graduate school of CCOM with the first place in the entrance examination.

During her school years, Zhou Linyi has successfully held two pipa recitals, and played pipa, zhongruan and daruan in National Youth Symphony Orchestra, Zhang Hongyan Plucked Instruments Ensemble and Lan Weiwei Chamber Ensemble. She has taken part in The River of the Orient—Grand National Orchestra Concert; Celebration Concert of Macao International Meeting for Regional Exchange and Cooperation; Opening Gala of 6th Forum for Female Presidents of World Universities. In addition, she has also taken part in the recording of Spring Festival Traditional Chinese Opera Gala, New Year Beijing Opera Gala, etc. for many times. She has won the Bronze Award (Youth Group I) of “Youth Music Cup” Hong Kong Pipa Competition for International Youth.