Small nws excemption3 Mozart: Symphony No. 35, 1st mvt.

Orchestral Excerpts | Robert Vernon, Viola
Bt movie not in use Why is this excerpt requested? Classical style, differentiation from Beethoven 00h:00m:43s
Bt movie not in use Clarity of articulation and attack, slight space between notes 00h:03m:34s
Bt movie not in use Strong vs. weak beats 00h:04m:31s
Bt movie not in use Bow position for passage after letter A 00h:05m:40s
Bt movie not in use Don't "travel" too much on longer notes 00h:06m:50s
Bt movie not in use Consistency of separation between notes 00h:07m:35s
Bt movie not in use The sixteenth note should be placed as late as possible without delaying downbeat 00h:08m:45s
Bt movie not in use Role of vibrato in articulation. Release in both hands 00h:10m:35s
Bt movie not in use Clarity, notes speaking well 00h:15m:09s
Bt movie not in use Playing in first position 00h:16m:25s
Bt movie not in use Downbow and upbow attacks need to match 00h:16m:40s
Bt movie not in use Suggestion of bowing and position for passage leading into letter B 00h:18m:19s
Bt movie not in use Discussion of on vs. off the string playing 00h:20m:27s
Bt movie not in use Words about the last movement 00h:24m:32s

Robert Vernon, Principal Viola of the Cleveland Orchestra, works with Adam Neeley on Mozart's Symphony No. 35, K. 385, 1st movement opening.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Recorded Date: 13-01-2013

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Robert Vernon

Robert Vernon has served as the Principal Violist of the Cleveland Orchestra since 1976. Vernon occupies the endowed Chaillé H. and Richard B. Tullis Chair, and along with Franklin Cohen has served longer in a Principal position than any other current member of the Orchestra. Vernon also heads the Viola Department at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and is a faculty member at the renowned Juilliard School of Music. Vernon also serves on the Faculty at Kent/Blossom, the National Orchestral Institute in Maryland, the New World Symphony Orchestra, and the Encore School for Strings. He also frequents several chamber music festivals including the Sarasota Music Festival (Sarasota, Florida), and the Nevada Chamber Music Festival (Reno, Nevada).