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How-To | Travis Peterson, Trumpet
Bt movie not in use Difference between a lip trill and a valve trill 00h:00m:06s
Bt movie not in use Demonstration of tongue position for a lip trill 00h:00m:31s
Bt movie not in use Demonstration of a regular valved trill 00h:00m:45s
Bt movie not in use Demonstration of a lip trill 00h:00m:52s
Bt movie not in use Example of a lip trill in West Side Story 00h:01m:57s
Bt movie not in use Lower register: combination of a lip trill and shaking 00h:02m:14s

New World Symphony trumpet fellow Travis Peterson shares his tips on performing lip trills


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Travis Peterson

Travis Peterson is currently Principal Trumpet of the Utah Symphony. He joined the orchestra in January, 2013. Prior to his work in Utah, Mr. Peterson was a Fellow with the New World Symphony. Mr. Peterson received a bachelor of Music from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where he studied with Edmund Cord, and a graduate degree from the New England Conservatory where he studied Ben Wright and Tom Rolfs.