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Reflections | Zoya Leybin, Violin
Bt movie not in use Definition of proper left hand technique: Correct positioning, strong and healthy fingers on fingerboard, sustain and maintain pitch, intonation, & expression 00h:00m:04s
Bt movie not in use Demonstration of making proper finger contact with the fingerboard 00h:00m:45s
Bt movie not in use Breathing life into the finger as it makes contact with the fingerboard 00h:01m:06s
Bt movie not in use Playing the note before the finger makes contact with the fingerboard; finger is alive (with vibrato) before you touch the string 00h:01m:16s
Bt movie not in use Fingers should be "breathing" and playing melodically 00h:01m:54s

Former San Francisco Symphony violinist and pedagogue Zoya Leybin discusses left hand technique for violinists


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Zoya Leybin

Zoya Leybin was a first violinist with the San Francisco Symphony. Ms. Leybin was born into a Jewish family in Riga, Latvia, part of the former Soviet Union. At the age of five and a half, Leybin began studying the violin, eventually studying under David Oistrakh and Yanke Levich at the Moscow Conservatory. For religious, human and artist freedom, Ms. Leybing immigrated briefly to Italy, then to Canada and finally to the U.S. when she joined the Denver Symphony. Two years later, she joined the San Francisco Symphony. She regularly coaches at the New World Symphony.