Small nws excemption3 Forming an oboe embouchure

How-To | Kari Kistler, Oboe
Bt movie not in use To make an oboe embouchure: have a flat chin and whistle 00h:00m:05s
Bt movie not in use Try playing the reed without using your hands 00h:01m:30s
Bt movie not in use Lips are firm, muscles are holding the reed 00h:01m:55s
Bt movie not in use Crowing the reed tests the reed strength. Look for a clean octave. Avoid noisy crows 00h:02m:10s
Bt movie not in use When playing at the tip, make sure it doesn't drop more than a minor third 00h:02m:58s
Bt movie not in use Demonstration using the instrument 00h:04m:01s

New World Symphony fellow Kari Kistler talks about forming an embouchure on the oboe


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Kari Kistler

Dr. Kari Kistler joined the Charleston Symphony as Second Oboe & English Horn in January 2012. Prior to her appointment, she was a Fellow with the New World Symphony. In addition to attending Tanglewood Music Festival, Dr. Kistler also studied at the Music Academy of the West, the Aspen Music Festival, and the Brevard Music Festival. Dr. Kistler received her Bachelors of Music and Doctor of Music from Florida State University, her Masters of Music degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music, and her Performance Diploma from Boston University. She studied primarily with John Ferrillo, John Mack, and Dr. Eric Ohlsson.