Small nws excemption3 Developing a good left hand position on the bass

How-To | Evan Halloin, Double Bass
Bt movie not in use Form a letter C with the left hand 00h:00m:10s
Bt movie not in use Third and fourth fingers move together 00h:00m:43s
Bt movie not in use Keep fingers on left hand close to fingerboard when you are changing notes 00h:01m:08s
Bt movie not in use To obtain a good vibrato, release the higher fingers to provide more room to create vibrato 00h:01m:51s
Bt movie not in use Demonstration of left hand position exercise 00h:02m:08s
Bt movie not in use As you play up the fingerboard, fingers get closer together 00h:03m:00s
Bt movie not in use Demonstration of finger dexterity exercise 00h:03m:20s

New World Symphony bass fellow Evan Halloin demonstrates exercises to develop proper left hand technique on the bass

Double Bass

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Evan Halloin
Double Bass

Evan Halloin joined the Kansas City Symphony in the 2012-2013 season. Prior to coming to Kansas City he was a member of the New World Symphony. He earned a master's degree from Rice University and a bachelor's degree from the New England Conservatory. His primary teachers include Timothy Pitts and Donald Palma. Mr. Halloin has performed as a substitute musician with the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Houston Symphony Orchestras. He is originally from De Pere, Wisconsin.