Small nws excemption3 Conducting Turangalîla Symphony

Reflections | Reinbert de Leeuw, Composer
Bt movie not in use Premiered by Leonard Bernstein with the Boston Symphony 00h:00m:10s
Bt movie not in use All of Messiaen's first pieces were very personal, this piece is large-scale expression 00h:00m:22s
Bt movie not in use Most of the big pieces have a Catholic inspiration. This piece was about love, joy and creation 00h:00m:55s
Bt movie not in use Two principal instruments, the piano and the ondes Martinot 00h:02m:31s
Bt movie not in use The orchestration works in extremes 00h:03m:25s

Reinbert de Leeuw on conducting Messiaen's 'Turangalîla Symphony'

Olivier Messiaen


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Reinbert de Leeuw

Born in Amsterdam, Reinbert de Leeuw covers a wide field with his musical activities: conductor, composer, and pianist. Since 1974 he has been conductor and music director of the Schönberg Ensemble. He is also author of a book on Charles Ives and a book with musical essays and has collaborated on eight film documentaries on 20th-century composers such as Messiaen, Ligeti, Gubaidulina, Vivier and Górecki which have been shown on Dutch television and won international acclaim. Mr. de Leeuw regularly conducts Holland’s foremost orchestras and ensembles, including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam, Residentie Orchestra The Hague, and ensembles such as the Netherlands Chamber Choir, the ASKO and the Netherlands Wind ensembles, and the orchestras of the Dutch Radio.