Small esm logo 383 Brahms: Symphony No. 1 - Clarinet

Orchestral Excerpts | Kenneth Grant, Clarinet
Bt movie not in use Slurs over pairs of notes but a larger slur over 6 after letter B 00h:00m:35s
Bt movie not in use Solo must be played in strict tempo because of accompaniment in strings 00h:01m:38s
Bt movie not in use Entrance comes out of the oboe solo, sneaking in 00h:02m:00s
Bt movie not in use Slight coloration at end of long note 00h:02m:18s
Bt movie not in use Gigliotti played the 2nd movement on B-flat clarinet 00h:04m:51s
Bt movie not in use As in 2nd movement, rubato can be dangerous in 3rd movement opening solo 00h:06m:10s
Bt movie not in use Triplet articulation - tongue on part of reed as opposed to entire reed. Keep airflow going 00h:08m:15s
Bt movie not in use Elongate articulation of final triplet, 4 after letter A 00h:10m:15s
Bt movie not in use Don't emphasize 16ths in dotted rhythm 00h:10m:40s
Bt movie not in use 2nd and 3rd measures should not be played the same 00h:11m:45s

Eastman School of Music Clarinet Professor Kenneth Grant coaches excerpts from Brahms Symphony No. 1, Op. 68

Johannes Brahms



Recorded Date: 24-11-2010

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Kenneth Grant

A Buffalo native, Kenneth Grant received his education at the Eastman School of Music. He joined the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra in 1987 as Principal Clarinet after almost 15 years in the same position with the Columbus Symphony. In 1990, Mr. Grant toured Europe with The Cleveland Orchestra as Assistant Principal Clarinet. In 1994, he won critical acclaim in Japan as soloist with the Eastman Wind Ensemble on the Mozart Clarinet Concerto. In addition to performing, Mr. Grant is Associate Professor of Clarinet at the Eastman School of Music.