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Audition Preparation | Henrik Dam Thomsen, Cello
Bt movie not in use When a cellist auditions for your orchestra, how do you rank the following musical elements... 00h:00m:12s
Bt movie not in use How do you find these priorities contribute to the qualities you are striving for in your orchestra? 00h:01m:16s
Bt movie not in use In your experience, have you found there to be any difference in how priorities are weighted in other orchestras? 00h:02m:19s
Bt movie not in use How do your priorities change if listening for a section member versus section leader position? 00h:03m:24s
Bt movie not in use What is your opinion on communication between the audition committee and the candidate? 00h:04m:15s
Bt movie not in use How would one get feedback from the committee following an unsuccessful audition? 00h:05m:33s
Bt movie not in use What would you change about the audition process if you could? 00h:06m:11s

Henrik Dam Thomsen, Principal Cello of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, discusses the audition experience within Denmark.


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Henrik Dam Thomsen

Henrik Dam Thomsen is one of Denmark’s leading cellists. Since 1999 he not only holds the position as solo cellist in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, he is also busy playing solo concerts, chamber music, and teaching at the Royal academy of music in Copenhagen. After his debut concert from the soloist class of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1998, Berlingske Tidende wrote in their review: “Our expectations were very high, yet they were surpassed. Who could have dreamed of hearing a debut concert on such an artistic level as this? Henrik Dam Thomsen is not only a brilliant soloist, he is a virtuoso. This critic simply cannot remember when he last heard anything more convincing in his 35 years of concert-going.”

Henrik Dam Thomsen studied in Copenhagen, London, and Bloomington (Indiana, USA) with such prominent teachers as Morten Zeuthen, Torleif Thedeen, William Pleeth, and Janos Starker. Henrik Dam Thomsen is thus both influenced by the distinguished Scandinavian cello tradition and some of the greatest personalities of the international cello world.