Small nws excemption3 Alexander Technique (Part 2)

How-To | Matthew Jones, Viola
Bt movie not in use How to make sitting as close as possible to standing. 00h:00m:24s
Bt movie not in use When the legs aren't engaged the upper body is having to work extra. 00h:00m:46s
Bt movie not in use Slightly change the position every so often. 00h:02m:14s
Bt movie not in use With one-sided instruments, go into the sprinter's position. 00h:02m:27s
Bt movie not in use The hips should be directly beneath the shoulders. 00h:04m:44s
Bt movie not in use Gaining awareness of the sit bones to gauge back curve. 00h:05m:19s
Bt movie not in use The spine tries to maintain the equilibrium in the head to maintain fluid. 00h:07m:50s
Bt movie not in use We exaggerate the curve in the back in one way or another. 00h:08m:37s
Bt movie not in use Use your legs as much as possible. 00h:09m:38s
Bt movie not in use The center of weight should be as close to the heels as possible. 00h:10m:22s
Bt movie not in use The relationship between the head, neck, and back affects everything else in the body. 00h:11m:23s
Bt movie not in use When is it good to use the back of the chair? 00h:12m:45s

Matthew Jones, Alexander Technique practitioner, discusses how the Alexander Technique can apply to playing instruments. (Part 2)

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Matthew Jones

Born in Swansea, Wales, violist Matthew Jones is also a composer, mathematics graduate and teacher of the Alexander Technique and Kundalini Yoga. In his diverse career, he is equally at home as soloist or chamber musician, performing classical or contemporary repertoire or giving fully improvised concerts. Recent performance venues include London’s Wigmore Hall and South Bank and a critically acclaimed Carnegie Hall recital début in 2008. He is violist of The Bridge Duo, the Debussy Ensemble and the Instrumental Quintet of London, was a member of the Badke String Quartet when they won the 2007 Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition, and is violinist with Ensemble MidtVest, an innovative chamber ensemble based in Denmark. Matthew Jones has recorded fourteen CDs, including three Naxos discs of Prokofiev, York Bowen and other English composers with Michael Hampton, the world première recording of Gordon Crosse’s Viola Concerto, and a fully improvised disc with EMV and GRAMMY®-winning jazz pianist Carsten Dahl. He is Senior Tutor of String Chamber Music and Professor of Viola at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, director of Pro Corda’s Intermediate Course, and professor at the British Isles Music Festival. He has commissioned numerous works and given many world and European premières, and champions neglected viola music through recitals and recordings. He studied with Rivka Golani.