Small nws excemption3 1 week audition countdown, Part 7 (Day 5).

Audition Preparation | Noa Kageyama
Bt movie not in use Day 5 (Wednesday) Jettison the non-essential 00h:00m:03s
Bt movie not in use Start interpreting everything as a sign, whether good or bad 00h:01m:36s
Bt movie not in use Practice being delusional for a couple days, everything is a good sign 00h:02m:24s
Bt movie not in use Sitting on a lot of energy. Hold on to it. 00h:02m:58s
Bt movie not in use Time for mental run-throughs 00h:04m:11s
Bt movie not in use Day to put together your audition bag. 00h:05m:11s
Bt movie not in use Most of the pressure we feel, we put on ourselves 00h:05m:58s
Bt movie not in use Who knows what comes from the experiences 00h:11m:57s
Bt movie not in use Sleep early, drink water 00h:20m:03s

Dr. Noa Kageyama, performance psychologist, talks about optimal performance training for a 1 week audition countdown, Part 7 (Day 5).

Noa Kageyama

Performance psychologist Dr. Noa Kageyama serves on the faculty of The Juilliard School and the New World Symphony, where he specializes in teaching performing artists how to utilize sport psychology principles to perform up to their abilities under stress. Also a conservatory-trained violinist with degrees from Juilliard and Oberlin, Dr. Kageyama’s understanding of performance pressure and excellence come from his own experiences on the concert stage from the age of two. Through 23 years of training, complete with television and radio appearances, solo performances with orchestra, and international competitions, he experienced first-hand the discipline, hard work, and perseverance it takes to reach an expert level of performance - as well as the frustration of performing poorly at the worst possible moments. Dr. Kageyama’s work has been featured in media outlets ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Lifehacker, and he has has provided seminars for institutions and organizations such as the New England Conservatory, US Armed Forces School of Music, Perlman Music Program, Starling-Delay Symposium, Music Teachers’ National Association, and the National Association for Teachers of Singing. - See more at: