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The bassoon may be the most unfamiliar and most stereotyped orchestral instrument. Let’s change that! I want to combat the stereotypes of clowns and senility that plague the bassoon and showcase the beauty of its characteristics. This presentation will involve musical examples ranging from live pieces and excerpts played over speakers. I’ll also demonstrate the other members of the bassoon family. I’ll be examining why composers write for the bassoon the way they do (idiosyncratically) and why these bassoon stereotypes exist. -- Darren Hicks

Join the Fellows for an intimate glimpse into their craft with behind-the-scenes presentations on topics ranging from music appreciation to the historic contexts of composers and more. Audience members are encouraged to participate by asking questions and taking part in post-presentation discussions.

Henri Dutilleux Sarabande et Cortège (1942)

Ralph Vaughan Williams Six Studies in English Folk Song (1926)

Luboš Sluka Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1956; 1971)
(b. 1928)