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Bt_movie_not_in_use This excerpt can feel constricting (00h:01m:18s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use In the opening, create a sound that we will fall in love with (00h:01m:30s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Every orchestra is known for its distinct sound (00h:02m:03s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use You need to embrace the orchestra's color palette and help with stewardship of the sound (00h:03m:00s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Create a warm, embracing, decadent sound (00h:04m:25s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Use the "comma" to help with shifts (00h:05m:38s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Careful not to use too much bow in the Allegro con brio (00h:06m:35s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Allegro is all about the right hand (00h:07m:28s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Start the quarters on the string (00h:08m:44s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use The spiccato is not completely off the string (00h:09m:20s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Under pressure, try using your larger muscles to get the stroke (00h:10m:12s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Commas here as well, after the dotted half notes (00h:10m:50s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use "Shave off the barnacles" (00h:11m:11s)

Violin excerpt: Beethoven Symphony No. 1, 1st movement, with David Kim

David Kim, Concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra, demonstrates and discusses the opening of Beethoven's Symphony No. 1.

Artists Bt_info_artist David Kim

Composers Ludwig van Beethoven


Instruments Violin

Recorded Date 27-02-2013