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Bt_movie_not_in_use Advice for young composers and musicians (00h:00m:00s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use A common denominator among the people at the top is that they are all very ambitious (00h:01m:16s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Ambition should be held sacred - don't turn it into something that other people want (00h:02m:04s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use The "luck" is that someone will notice you... and you'll just be doing your job (00h:04m:16s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use How does one "make it"? (00h:05m:28s)

Sean Shepherd gives advice to young composers and musicians

Composer Sean Shepherd sits down with CIM's Head of Composition, Keith Fitch, to give advice to young composers and musicians.

Artists Bt_info_artist Keith Fitch Bt_info_artist Sean Shepherd

Composers Sean Shepherd

Instruments Composer

Recorded Date 09-11-2012