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Bt_movie_not_in_use Certain performers have an instantly recognizable sound (00h:00m:18s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use One of our jobs as flutists is to provide color (00h:00m:48s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Ravel's Introduction and Allegro as example of changing colors (00h:01m:24s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Practice making a sound like a violin, including the vibrato (00h:02m:12s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Go into the woods and observe the trees and their movements (00h:03m:37s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use A glass of champagne or wine inspires different responses that can translate to playing (00h:04m:41s)

Paula Robison on Coloring Your Sound

Flutist and pedagogue Paula Robison discusses the concept of colors and changing your sound to suit the music.

Artists Bt_info_artist Paula Robison

Instruments Flute

Recorded Date 17-02-2015