In-Video Bookmarks

Bt_movie_not_in_use Introduction of virtual hangout participants (00h:00m:21s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Start discussing reed making (00h:03m:21s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Differences between oboe and bassoon reeds (00h:05m:09s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Basic tools beginners should get when starting with reed making (00h:07m:06s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Suggested websites for various tools and cane (00h:10m:34s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Constructing a reed from the beginning (00h:16m:18s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Techniques to help fight environmental effects on reeds (00h:18m:15s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Tom demonstrates how to make a "blank" (00h:23m:08s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Putting on the first wire (00h:32m:26s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Putting on other wires and placement (00h:38m:52s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use General oboe reed making suggestions (00h:44m:15s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Wrap up and final thoughts (00h:47m:29s)

Making reeds with Kathryn Greenbank

Virtual Hangout: Kathryn Greenbank, Principal Oboist of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra leads a conversation on Reed Making. Second and first-year Bassoon Fellows Tom Fleming and Sean Maree also help guide the discussion.

Artists Bt_info_artist Kathryn Greenbank

Instruments Bassoon and Oboe

Recorded Date 07-03-2014