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Bt_movie_not_in_use How much personality should be presented in an audition? (00h:01m:05s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Many feel that preliminary round focus should be on pitch, rhythm and sound (00h:01m:39s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Dale Clevenger's recording as a starting point (00h:03m:11s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Late Mahler looking backwards at a varied and emotional life (00h:03m:25s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Beginning is a simple duet with the flute (00h:04m:13s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Brushy articulation in next part (00h:04m:50s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Crazy loud, angry section. More air, more sound, more spin (00h:05m:40s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Mozartian quality in next section, as light as possible (00h:06m:50s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Moves right back into late Romantic harmonization (00h:07m:24s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Remember that the horn is a critical instrument in all of Mahler's music. Leadership is important (00h:07m:55s)
Bt_movie_not_in_use Demo of entire excerpt (00h:09m:42s)

Horn Excerpt: Mahler Symphony No. 9 with Jennifer Montone

Jennifer Montone, Principal Horn of The Philadelphia Orchestra, demonstrates and discusses an excerpt from Mahler Symphony No. 9, 1st Mvt.

Artists Bt_info_artist Jennifer Montone

Composers Gustav Mahler


Instruments French Horn

Recorded Date 04-09-2013